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Building History

From 1963 until 1991, the town of Framingham, Massachusetts operated two independent high schools; Framingham North High School and Framingham South High School. The two separate high schools often competed with each other in sports, causing a friendly rivalry. Eventually the two schools were combined at the campus of Framingham North, which was renamed Framingham High School. The Framingham South High school building was made into the Fuller Middle School.

Fuller Middle School was established in September of 1993. The school is named in honor of Dr. Solomon Fuller, a psychiatrist, and Meta Fuller, a sculptor.  The Fullers, a pioneering African-American family, lived on Warren Road near the current location of Fuller Middle School during the early part of the twentieth century.  Dr. and Mrs. Fuller were leaders in their professions and in the Framingham Community during their lives.  The roles they played during their lifetimes serve as models for the students of the school named in their memory.

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